3D Visualisation

Urban Wilderness produce a variety of high quality visuals tailored to meet the needs of your project. Visuals are often needed in order to help members of the public, stakeholders, planners or statutory consultees more fully-understand the design proposals and their context. Graphics can be produced as either photo-realistic images or 3D sketches. For Photo-realistic imagery the quality of the original photography is crucial and a thorough understanding of site and its constraints, such as lighting, aspect and visibility are fundamental to the visual presentation. Photo-realistic imagery can be employed, particularly on more sensitive sites, where more precise, proportioned visuals are necessary to illustrate design interventions.

3D sketches are typically produced via the creation of a 3D computer model, which is then augmented with either hand drawn or computer linework and rendered to create images that convey the character, design intent, materials palette and structure of spaces. These images are often used for site promotion, Design and Access Statements or Public Consultation purposes.

The quality and accuracy of these visualisations can often be a determining factor for planning applications. We provide our clients with the appropriate level of presentation information to help them communicate the design, help stakeholders visualise the proposals and ultimately provide reassurance that the proposals work.

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